Chattanooga Video Recap

17 Jan

Road trips are great bonding experiences for any team and who can say they have been on a bus for seven hours with two of the greatest coaching minds of all-time in Coach Cremins and Coach Kresse?

For the Cougars, one of our favorite stops during our travels is dining at Cracker Barrel. It has become a ritual be it in Orangeburg, S.C., or Douglasville, Ga. We (Coach Cremins) Love Cracker Barrel!

This video blog is a new concept this season and although the kids give me a hard time for always having my Flip camera on and rolling, it captures moments the regular CofC fan would never see of our team. We are a fun bunch and I am blessed to be a part of such a great program and staff (even if I’m an easy target for snowballs, thank you Andrew Lawrence and Jordan Scott). It’s like traveling with 23 little and big brothers and Coach of course 🙂

I have agreed to possibly allow sophomore Willis Hall to have his own video blog next season. Like the other players, Willis likes to make me see how it feels to be on the other side of the camera and recorded every minute of the day. I guess when the roles are reversed, I don’t like it either LOL … but, I compare it to President Obama and his press secretary and staff. His life is recorded and documented for a reason. The song to this video recap is dedicated to the team. It may be a song from the 80’s and before their time, but I know they will get it.

Pregame shootaround is always fun to watch from the sidelines. Usually Andrew Goudelock challenges our head athletic trainer Chris Horschel in practice to a half-court shootout, but this time, it was a three-point shootout from sitting-down-on-the-bench range between Drew, Chris and freshman Trent Wiedeman. Even though I didn’t catch it on camera, Trent was the ONLY one to make the tough shot, so kudos to Lou.

Our trip to Chattanooga did not turn out the way we would have liked, but it was a learning lesson just as each game is to a team and their season. The Cougars will be back ready and prepared for the SoCon Tournament there in March!

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